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Our staff have a vast range of experience in Telecoms’ infrastructure project management and a thorough understanding of both the telecoms industry and construction process.

Our projects typically include the following services:

  • Tender preparation
  • Contract management
  • Construction management
  • Project programming
  • Cost preparation and evaluations

In addition, and due to the nature of some of our clients, where the client remains Project Manager, we often take the role of Lead Consultant, drawing together the consultant team and acting as the main point of contact for communication between the client and the design team. 

The lead consultant's role might include: 

  • Co-ordinating, monitoring and reviewing the work of the consultant team (and others, such as specialist designers and specialist contractors)
  • Arranging consultant team meetings and planning work stages
  • Preparing programmes and progress reports
  • Seeking instructions from the client
  • Advising the client on the choice of procurement route
  • Advising the client on the need to appoint additional advisers, consultants or specialist designers
  • Establishing change control procedures at key stages, for example when the project brief is frozen or when detailed design is frozen
  • Arranging value management exercises
  • Advising the client on the choice of contract and contract conditions
  • Assist the client in defining selection criteria for contractors and preparing pre-qualification questionnaires
  • Co-ordinating the review of tenders.

Some of these roles may appear to duplicate tasks undertaken by the project manager, however, the project manager is acting as if they were the client, whereas the lead consultant is co-ordinating the activities of the consultant team.

In addition, we are regularly required to undertake the role of CDM Co-ordinator under the CDM Regulations, due to the experience and knowledge of the specialist nature of the telecoms environment.

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