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Due to the nature of our work we are limited in the disclosure of project specific information.  The following project descriptions are, therefore, a very brief snapshot of our portfolio. 


London Bridge Street

MFD was recently engaged as the design team, security advisors and engineers providing full duties, including threat and risk assessment, a blast vulnerability study and design of all physical and electronic security systems


RAF Wyton

MFD was the security and blast/CTM consultant for the new £150m development at RAF Wyton. The Skanska consortium won the project following a national competition. The winning design, as selected by the MoD, was judged as being able to provide the best balanced solution between an office complex and a hardened building. The outcome was agreed after MFD had educated the design team on the blast/CTM operational requirements and had worked closely with the building designer to develop the optimum solution.




One Nine Elms

Number 1 Nine Elms is a highly prestigious London development, comprising a 56-storey high-rise residential building and a smaller 42-storey tower comprising a 5 Star Hotel and residential apartments.  MFD has provided Security Consultancy and Security Engineering design services, comprising the preparation of a Threat and Risk Assessment and a Security Strategy document, covering all aspects of security on the development.  Specific design services have been provided in respect of counter-terrorist measures, blast mitigation, hostile vehicle mitigation and physical security.   MFD provided a very rapid response following appointment.


Tate Modern, London

As the Security Consultant engaged on the Tate Modern extension, our role is both as security advisor and multi-disciplined security engineering consultant. Our scope of services have included:-

  • Benchmarking and analysis of the existing security measures and procedures
  • Carrying out a Threat & Risk Assessment and developing a Security Strategy
  • Advising on bomb blast treatments, including hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM)
  • Designing electronic security systems, including detection, CCTV and other security technical assets
  • Supporting the selection of suppliers and trade contractors.


Whitehall Streetscape

MFD has carried out a number of security solutions for buildings in the Whitehall area; however, due to the nature of the projects, the work undertaken is classified.



Security at railway stations across the UK is now of paramount importance and MFD has been engaged as Security Consultant for Crossrail to design schemes on a number of stations.  Each station is required to incorporate blast mitigation and hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) measures as an integral part of the design.


Heathrow Terminal 5 - Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

The design of hostile vehicle mitigation at British Airports Authority (BAA) Terminal 5 was prepared by MFD to prevent unauthorised vehicular access into the terminal building. When MFD was initially approached, the construction of the terminal and landside facilities were nearing completion.

MFD considered the form of barrier system to be used and the most effective positioning, which maintained the accessibility, function and bespoke architectural design of the terminal. However, the real challenge was to design, detail, procure and install the barrier system, with the absolute minimum disruption, in the final 6 weeks prior to the Terminal's official opening. This, we are pleased to report, was achieved and in accordance with BSI PAS 68 requirements.


ICONIC buildings/premises in Central London

MFD provided counter-terrorist measures to protect a number of high profile, high-risk buildings/premises, including blast protection, CBR mitigation, counter-terrorist measures, physical mitigation and electronic security services. 


The Scottish Parliament - Vehicle Entry Controls

MFD was engaged to design hostile vehicle mitigation for part of the Scottish Parliament complex. The key challenges for the scheme, which were resolved with the installation of crash-rated PAS68 bollards, are summarised below:

  • Fully integrated with the expressive architecture of the Parliament building and fenced perimeter
  • Minimal disruption to vehicle movements during the works
  • A solution designed to safely accommodate all forms of vehicle movements
  • A dedicated integrated control philosophy
  • Effective partnering, ensuring that the daily Parliamentary functions were able to operate during construction, and in a better protected environment in the future.


Defence Training Academy

The Defence Training Review was the largest PPP project in the UK, with construction values approaching £1billion. The capital works component of the project provides the living, training and leisure facilities in St Athans for over 10,000 people. MFD was selected to provide all the security and specialist design to ensure the projects meet the MoD’s specialist requirements.


Thames Barrier

MFD prepared Emergency Operational Plans for the Thames Barrier. This involved extensive discussions with the client, followed by successful testing carried out in live workshops.


UK Water Industry

As a DEFRA licenced and authorised Water Industry Security Consultant, MFD provides security audits, surveys and engineering design services to the majority of the UK Water Companies. To date, we have provided services to over 75% of the UK’s water providers.


Security Data Centre

The Security Data Centre is a 1,000-square-metre data centre, hardened against blast and physical attack. MFD was responsible for all aspects of the design and management of the project, from concept to handover, including architectural, structural, M&E, physical security and electronic security.


Office Refurbishment - UK Government

MFD worked on a refurbishment of an 8-storey central London office block for occupancy by a government department. MFD was responsible for all aspects of the building design and management of the project, from concept to handover, including architectural, structural, M&E, physical security and electronic security.


Henry Moore Foundation

MFD provided security survey, advice and costed recommendations regarding security protocols / procedures and physical hardware and electronic security.

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